FREE Mark Z App for your Smart Phone

mobile-application-metro-detroit-property-search-mark-zThe rumors are true, we just released today our very own MARK Z. property search application and it’s FREE! Currently it is only available on IPhones through Itunes, however within the next two weeks it should be available on the Android Market. Here are some of the cool features you will be able to experience when you are on the go but still have real estate on your mind:

  • You can search the entire MLS
  • See properties for sale near your current location
  • GPS Locate your current location and see properties for sale in your area
  • View videos of our latest reviews from past clients
  • View our blog posts updating the current market conditions and buyer/seller tips
  • Connect directly to an agent
  • Send us an instant message
  • Connect with us through Facebook, twitter, and youtube

northville-mobile-property-search-mark-zIt’s very simple to download, just go to your App Store on your smart phone and put in MARK Z and scroll down you will see the app. It looks exactly like the red icon to the right with the “Z” on it. Simply download it for FREE and you will be off and running. My favorite tool is the fact that you can be in a neighborhood and pull up the search tool so you can instantly see everything for sale right around your current location. Have fun and Happy Searching!